The Basic Difference Between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13
February 27, 2017

The word bankruptcy is reacted to differently by everyone. To some, it is a beacon of hope that means you will never have to pay your bills again. To others, it means that you’ve skirted out of your debts, and has a very negative connotation. If you want to know what bankruptcy really is, ask a Tampa bankruptcy attorney. The Truth About Chapter 7 and 13 From a Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney In truth, neither of these presumptions are true. Bankruptcy is an option designed for those who have exceeded their ability to maintain a livable income due to their decision to… Read More

What Happens When Your Business Declares Bankruptcy?
February 24, 2017

Bankruptcy is not a step that many business operators want to take. Unfortunately, it’s often the only option available when the owner wants to keep their company. There are several types of bankruptcy processes and very often, due to the complexities involved, a bankruptcy attorney is needed. An attorney can evaluate your business’s debt circumstances and determine what legal options are best for a company before declaring bankruptcy. Rules are different among sole proprietorships, limited liability companies, and corporations. The following are general guidelines when considering which type of bankruptcy to file. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 bankruptcy is effectively… Read More

Buying a Home After Bankruptcy
February 20, 2017

Bankruptcy is a complicated topic for most people, which is why people in debt are looking for a law office near me. Many people don’t understand bankruptcy, or feel that they will no longer have any options once bankruptcy is declared. One of the biggest concerns many have is that they will be unable to buy a home. The reality is, if you owe an excessive amount of money that you are unable to pay, buying a home will be difficult whether you declare bankruptcy or not. It isn’t, however, impossible to buy a home after bankruptcy. Here are the first… Read More

Can I Be Put on a “Wall of Shame” or “Blacklist” for Not Paying My Bill?
February 17, 2017

We’ve all seen the Walls of Shame that decorate small business bulletin boards with bounced checks and customer names who never paid their tab. You may have even laughed, but it’s not so funny when you have to contact a debt collection attorney in Clearwater because it happens to you. I’m sure you’ve been wandering in the back of your mind if it’s really legal to do this. When it comes to the law, can I be put on a blacklist or Wall of Shame for not paying my bill? Ask a Debt Collection Defense Attorney in Clearwater About Debt Blacklisting Depending… Read More

Keeping Your Cool when Talking to Debt Collectors
February 13, 2017

Talking to debt collectors can be incredibly stressful. It’s easy to lose your temper or your cool, especially if you’re a victim of debt collection harassment. Follow this debt collection advice for dealing with debt collectors so that you don’t lose your cool and potentially risk your case. Debt Collection Advice on Dealing with Debt Collectors When You Don’t Recognize the Caller Many times, when a debt has been outstanding for a period of time, it will be bought by a debt collection agency. The agency purchases the debt and then attempts to collect the balance, in which case they profit from… Read More

A Fiscal-Friendly Valentine’s Day
February 12, 2017

This Valentine’s Day, don’t break your budget by overspending. If you want to have a romantic and fun Valentine’s Day on a budget, there are plenty of creative ways to save money, so you don’t wind up a victim of debt collection harassment in Tampa. Here are a few fiscal-friendly ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special without emptying your wallet. Have Some Frugal Fun This Valentine’s Day Make Dinner at Home Swap out the fancy night on the town for a home cooked meal. Although this may cost you some money initially, you can pack up the extra ingredients and… Read More

Wells Fargo Lawsuit is the Perfect Example of TCPA Violation
February 6, 2017

People hear about debt collection harassment, but not many people realize just how much trouble a debt collector can get into by exhibiting this behavior. Ask any local debt collection defense  attorney in Tampa- you have rights, and debt collectors must abide by the rules. Just this past July, Wells Fargo finally settled a class action lawsuit for $14.5 million. Wells Fargo Settles for Millions of Dollars for Violating TCPA It all started in April of 2015 when plaintiff Steven Markos filed a lawsuit against the bank for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The TCPA sets regulations for debt collectors concerning… Read More

Tips for a Successful Bankruptcy Experience
January 27, 2017

When you are in financial strains and filing for bankruptcy, you want the process to go as quickly as possible. There are few things you should know that will help make the process relatively painless. Here are some tips for a successful bankruptcy from a Florida bankruptcy attorney. Tips for a Successful Bankruptcy From a Florida Bankruptcy Attorney Tell the Truth Tell the truth to your attorney, to your paperwork, and of course to yourself. Do you really need the help? If you are unsure if you should be filing for bankruptcy, consult an attorney immediately. It could be that you… Read More

How to Deal When Your Wages Are Being Garnished
January 23, 2017

It used to be a common threat, and still is when it comes to debt collection harassment. The garnishment of wages can impact your entire life by limiting your finances. The truth is, garnishing your wages is an absolute possibility, but it requires a judgment by courts to happen. In the case that there is a judgment, and the courts decide that your debt is owed and open the possibility for wage garnishment, here is what you do. If you search for an affordable bankruptcy attorney near me, you’ll find that there are ways to deal with wage garnishment. Find Out How an… Read More

Reasons your Bankruptcy Could be Denied
January 19, 2017

Was your bankruptcy claim denied? If you are struggling and filed for bankruptcy,there is a chance that bankruptcy claim could be denied. Here are some of the main reasons that bankruptcy claims are denied, according to your local bankruptcy attorney in Tampa. Local Bankruptcy Attorney in Tampa on Bankruptcy Denials Bankruptcy Fraud Bankruptcy documentation is very specific. You may think that “forgetting” to report income or assets will help your case, but bankruptcy fraud will easily get your case dismissed. It can also, in serious cases, result in criminal charges and even incarceration. Make sure you disclose all of your income,… Read More