Filing for Bankruptcy and Divorce: What to Do
June 15, 2016

Individuals and spouses file for bankruptcy and divorce for numerous reasons. They could even file for divorce after filing for bankruptcy, or vice versa. In both cases, the details can become increasingly complex that send both parties into debt, only adding extra stress on top of a failing marriage. For example, a marriage can fail because one spouse incurs too many expenses, plunging both partners into the depths of bankruptcy. Or, one or both partners must file for bankruptcy after filing for divorce because the expenses have become too significant for either party to handle. In either situation, a bankruptcy… Read More

Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me – Understanding Bankruptcy Basics
June 10, 2016

The Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, has the experience and expertise to help you through your bankruptcy. Bankruptcy lawyers near me understand bankruptcy basics. Many people have heard the term bankruptcy, but don’t quite understand what it entails. The idea may seem appealing if you are facing debt, but like any major decision it requires careful consideration. Before considering declaring bankruptcy, you should have a basic understanding of what it means. Bankruptcy Lawyers Near Me Know the Facts If you are considering bankruptcy, the first thing you want to do is consult a professional. A simple search for “bankruptcy lawyers near me” through… Read More

Bankruptcy Lawyer St Petersburg on Avoiding Credit Card Debt
June 2, 2016

At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, bankruptcy lawyer St Petersburg, we serve a wide range of clients from various areas in Florida. As a top bankruptcy lawyer, and debt collection defense attorney, Michael A. Ziegler can represent your case and help you with collection harassment, debt litigation, and bankruptcy. No matter what your income or where you are located, you can find yourself in debt unexpectedly. The shopping in St. Petersburg and Clearwater is equally tempting, and credit card debt is more common than you may think. Since this debt is one of the main reasons you may end up needing a bankruptcy… Read More

Local Bankruptcy Attorney Says Protection Act Limits Automated Phone Contact
May 27, 2016

Our local bankruptcy attorney at Ziegler Law Office knows you’ve dreaded the phone call. You know the one, always from a different number. Every time you pick up, you hear an automated message that urges you to buy some services or sign up for a product. Do you know, however, that this type of phone contact is limited by law and may be a direct violation of your rights? At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, we fight to make sure our clients can stop telephone harassment. Let Our Local Bankruptcy Attorney Help You The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was passed in… Read More

Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Processes Act
May 16, 2016

If you have debt, there are certain rights that you still have when a collector attempts to retrieve that debt. Understanding these rights will protect you from harassment, illegal debt collection methods, and inappropriate methods of contact. The Fair Debt Collection Processes Act protects consumers by law against these instances. The Fair Debt Collection Processes Act was first passed in 1977, and has been amended periodically to stay current. The act applies to third party debt collectors, who are acting on behalf of the original creditor. Understanding the Fair Debt Collection Processes Act from your St. Petersburg Debt Collection Defense Lawyer… Read More

Debt Collection Harassment St Petersburg – Are You a Victim?
May 10, 2016

At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, we understand how people feel when they are in debt. It can be overwhelming, and seem hopeless. There is help for debt collection harassment St Petersburg. Perhaps this is why so many people do not address the inappropriate and sometimes illegal behavior of debt collectors. Just because you are in debt does not mean you do not have rights. Understanding collection harassment and what it consists of can help you get the assistance you need to stop this activity, and work on a more professional level to alleviate your debt with people who… Read More

Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater Says Google Scholar Offers Free Online Case Research
May 2, 2016

As a bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater, we believe that you should be able to stay informed on your legal situation. That’s why we provide a list of consumer legal resources so that you can research cases similar to yours, and stay up to date on the latest laws. These our resources we will be using to handle your case. Having these resources keeps you from feeling in the dark with your own legal situation, which is a way we never want you to feel. These resources do not take the place of professional legal counsel. We encourage you to utilize them… Read More

Bankruptcy Attorney Clearwater – Advice on Filing for Bankruptcy During a Divorce
April 25, 2016

Divorce is one of the leading reasons that people file for bankruptcy. At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, bankruptcy attorney Clearwater, there are cases that we work with frequently on this level. It’s important to know before you take this action exactly what the logistics and consequences are. Expenses can be overwhelming when you get a divorce. It’s a stressful time, and you are trying to create a new arrangement while handling any existing household expenses. Bankruptcy Attorney Clearwater Gives Sound Advice One of the things you need to consider before filing for bankruptcy is whether to file with… Read More

Local Foreclosure Lawyers Report The Reality of the Florida Foreclosure Crisis
April 21, 2016

If you own property in Florida, you’re probably aware of the Florida foreclosure crisis. Local foreclosure lawyers know this crisis all too well. At the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler, we handle foreclosures in multiple ways. We prevent them through debt litigation, and stop them through foreclosure defense. As such, we’ve seen the terrible realities of the Florida foreclosure crisis. As a homeowner, being informed is essential so that if you ever get into a situation that could result in foreclosure. It’s important for you to understand the reality of this situation and know who to contact for help. How Can… Read More

Stop Foreclosure – How Debt Litigation Can Help You Recover
April 13, 2016

When you are in debt and want to stop foreclosure, it can seem to come from nowhere. The debt continues to build, and without resolution it can become overwhelming. Having a history of debt can ruin your life. It can become impossible for you to receive any type of credit, and sometimes even affects your opportunities for employment. Hiring the Law Office of Michael A. Ziegler can help you recover from debt and get your life back. Different types of debt call for different methods of litigation to resolve the. That is why it’s important for you to hire an experienced professional… Read More