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My duties as a Clearwater loan modification attorney are some of the most frustrating, yet rewarding. Frustration results from unfair treatment exerted on consumers. However, the experience is also very rewarding for the consumer because legal involvement often makes the process more efficient and fruitful.

The Struggles of the Average Consumer

I get more horror stories from consumers requesting loan modifications than in any other situation.

I have had clients who have been trying to obtain a modification for months – and in some cases, years. Every time they send in paperwork, the lender will tell them that a document is lost or it is expired.

I have other clients who were induced to intentionally fall behind on their payments in order to qualify for a modification – and then were declined.

Legal Intervention

Loan modification requests can be tricky. There are a number of different programs under which servicers will process a loan modification. Generally, there is no way of knowing which program(s) a particular loan will qualify for until some investigation has been done by a loan modification lawyer from Clearwater.

Even when you know which program the lender will process the loan modification through, the paperwork process can be grueling. Clearwater TCPA law attorney can help you obtain the necessary forms and documents to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Professional Assistance on Your Behalf

In addition to dealing with smaller lenders, I have also processed numerous modification requests through large lenders such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo. I have obtained numerous beneficial results that have allowed my clients to stay in their home, paying a fraction of their original payment.

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